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CHICK TALK: The Curious Case of the Baseball Wife
August 13, 2009, 2:39 pm
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yankeegfsI don’t know why but I’ve always had a fascination with the lives of the sports wives and girlfriends. Who were they? How they get here?, and How did the land such a stud for a husband? Oftentimes they are a long-term love of the athlete that he didn’t want to ditch, or they are the opposite side of the spectrum … a celebrity.

Let’s take football for instance. The football wife is seemingly more down to Earth, yet still highly annoying. And the baseball wife … poor thing … she see’s her man (if she’s lucky) on average 4 months a year. Plus the American divorce rate is 50% whereas the MLB divorce rate is 82%. So how does this chick know all these stats? It’s because it was the subject of my Undergraduate Honors Program Thesis (ahh … gotta love Sport Management). 🙂

After my award winning thesis was written a lot of developments in the wife/girlfriend club have appeared. First there was E! True Hollywood Story – Baseball Wives. I kid you not, this was really an episode! And don’t waste your time watching it because it was a silicone glossed-over my life is wonderful piece! (They even got Josh Hamilton’s wife, Katie, to say she’s happy with her husband!! Jeez!)

Now this past weekend my friend and I scored VIP passes to Jets practice. After looking around for a seat we found a spot on the bleachers … awesome view! To my SHOCK we parked ourselves right in the middle of the wives and girlfriends. Instead of spending my morning watching my beloved Jets, I had my ears open intently listening to the gossip and gab. And my prediction was correct, the football wife is a bore! Only talk of kiddie toys, new lighting fixtures in their NJ estates, and one even gabbed about asking for 10 more pillows at the hotel front desk … TEN!

Then today came along …

The NY Post (my fav newspaper) had this Page Six gem today, “KATE HUDSON FEELS MINKA KELLY BRUSHBACK.” Seriously, I nearly pissed myself in laughter! The fact that the Post has slumped to the levels of Star Magazine and E! THS is laughable! When you read the article you will discover that to be a “Yankee-girl” you need to sit in the family section and not a private box, you need to smooch your man in public after the game, AND get the thumbs-up approval from Yankee-uber wives, Michelle Damon and Laura Posada (ps- Miss Laura was on that episode of E! THS I was talking about 😉 ). Click the NY Post link above to read for yourself … also the article mentions a website called WAGs … a dude created site deciated to all the wives in girlfriends in sports (and yes they are ranked!)

Let’s just hope for the Yankee pennant race sake that Minka and Kate settle their “feud.” hahaha 😀


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